Unmask Your Imperfections

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It is known that all of us have imperfections. The phrase – “Its okay. We’re human”! confirms that all humans know they are imperfect. Yet, doesn’t it seem everyone puts on an “I am perfect” persona? It appears that everyone is walking around with “I’m doing great” posted on their head. But haven’t you also heard the expression “You never know what goes on behind closed doors”?

If it is common knowledge that humans are all imperfect then why do people pretend they are perfect?

In my search to answer this question, I found that the answer lies in the fear of vulnerability. To be vulnerable means exposing your weaknesses and flaws to others. That is truly UNMASKING your perfect self to reveal their imperfections. Perfect people would NEVER expose themselves! Therefore, why would anyone choose to be vulnerable?

In my opinion, when I think of the most famous vulnerable people of all time, I think of those who stood up for a cause. These were ordinary people who took a stand to share a message they were passionate about that others were too afraid or had no interest to share. The first example that comes to my mind is Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus for a white passenger helping launch the Civil Rights movement. The second example is Dr. Martin Luther King who fought for ending prejudice and radically changing racism in the United States. King’s speech “I have a dream” was spoken in front of over 100,000 people on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Monument in DC. King was just an ordinary man using his voice for a passionate cause, overcoming any fear and standing for creating a new possibility in the country.

Appearing perfect is easy. The true courage comes when you unmask your imperfections. Most people think that exposing their vulnerabilities will make them look weak and powerless but actually the opposite is true. To unmask your imperfections is to be part of the minority of people that truly disregard fear standing in their power with pure courage. Essentially, to be vulnerable is to be someone who stands above the crowds. Unmasking your imperfections shows your courage, bravery and power. It also makes you relatable and a role model for others because vulnerable people are just ordinary people unmasking themselves to live extraordinary lives.

Brene Brown’s quote on vulnerability which is what I personally strive towards

Be courageous, be brave, be vulnerable. It is the choice of YOU to unmask that leads the way in our world. Take a breath and begin to share.

With love and gratitude for allowing me to be vulnerable with all of you,

Ali (Zen.Body.Soul)

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