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Children have such expansive imaginations where monsters live under the bed, dolls come to life and independent pretend play can turn a fork into a car. As adults we lose that imagination and pretend play. We should use children as our role models to renew our imagination to forget about the emotional struggles and anxiety we face and lean into our creative side.

Once upon a time we were young children who believed in fairy tales, the tooth fairy and happily ever afters. When Disney World really had a Magic Kingdom for princesses (or so I thought) and Mickey Mouse was real! Why is it that this childhood magical fairy dust fades away once we reach adulthood? What was once a time of excitement, hope, anticipation and magic transforms into reality, current events and skepticism. Are adults meant to live in reality or should we revisit our childhood beliefs?

I recall times as a child playing for hours with my neighborhood friends. We would create imaginary stories and play in the woods in-between our houses for hours until it became dark. We would pretend the sticks were ice cream and the forest was our home. We had the ability to create whatever we wanted and it felt real to us.

Today we unfortunately live in a different world than when I was a kid. Now, kids have a surplus of electronics keeping them indoors. My ten year old son would much rather create videos on his computer in the house than play outside on a summer day. Even still, whether outside or inside, all children continue to have creative imaginations which give them access to an imaginary world free of stress, worry and troubles.

Instead of leaving our childhood imagination and pretend play behind, as adults we need to remember it through watching our own children/grandchildren or other peoples kids to lose our sense of reality. If as adults we believe we are “stuck” in the circumstances we are currently in then that is what life will be. On the other hand, if we take our imagination and play with us as adults we can create whatever we want just as we did as kids. Who says we can’t do that? Isn’t it a much better feeling to dream and believe your life can be whatever you want it to be? Pretend you are an actor acting out a play. Easily you can go to another world, time, country, etc.

I challenge you this holiday season to go back in your mind and soul to the time you were a child playing in the woods or someplace you recall creating an imaginary world. How did that feel? What did you create? Whatever feeling you come up with bring that with you as you continue through your holiday season and beyond. Instead of stressing over buying presents, money spent, traffic, travel, etc. wouldn’t it be so much more zen to let all of those worries go and focus on the magic of the season that we felt as a kid?

We all need more fairy tales and happily ever afters even as adults. #believe. No one is judging you, looking at you or caring. And even if they do what difference does it make? Life is whatever you make it to be. Lets all bring back our childhood imagination. Once we create a world of joy in our hearts, it will show up in our life.

With Love, peace and gratitude for this holiday season.

ALi (ZenBodySoul – ZBS)

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