Be the Gatekeeper of Your Life

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Do you believe you created everything that is presently in your world? If yes, do you believe what you have felt and thought leading up to today are what formed your current surroundings? If you are anything like the old me (prior to believing) you believe there is no way that you can actually create what shows up for you! I was there once too.

So how did I shift from disbelief to belief? First, I started an experiment. The analytical side of my brain could not wait to prove all this stuff wrong! After a few weeks I was finally swayed to believe. How did I change my mind? I had a tiny notebook I brought with me in my car and anywhere else I went and would write my feelings down the days and weeks (as best as I could recall) before an event occurred. Writing my feelings down enabled me to track how I felt and what showed up as a result. I also learned that when you are triggered by something or someone that creates negative emotions, the result can show up anywhere in your life. For example, if my mom and I got into a disagreement one day that made me upset, the negative result could show up in any other area of my life. I could be stuck in traffic, rear-ended in an accident, trip over a block and break my ankle, etc.

Wheel of Life

The results of my experiment led me to discover the Wheel of Life. The Wheel of Life is essentially a drawing of a large pie split up into different aspects of your life. The one I examined had 8 pie slices representing career, health, money, romance, personal growth, fun and recreation, family and friends, physical environment. The center of the wheel began at a #1 and the outer edge of the wheel ended at a #10. You rank your satisfaction with each aspect and then look at the results of your new circle or non-circle. My once circle had now morphed into a super bumpy non-circle. Interestingly enough I discovered health and personal growth were my highest numbers and money was my lowest. At the time I did this exercise I had created a negative story in my mind that I could not profit from the work I did. Therefore, my perception of earning money needed to shift. I also realized that when I was ranked lower in one area of my life it intercepted another area of my life.

Be The Gatekeeper

It hit me like a ton of bricks just the other day that if how we feel about different areas of our life creates what appears in our world around us (i.e. our bubble) then we MUST act as a gatekeeper to protect our bubble. As a gatekeeper, we get to choose who enters our bubble. If we open the gates too quick without much awareness we run the risk of letting too many energy vampires (a.k.a. people who zap our positivity) into our life which only lowers our energy thereby taking us away from creating what we want. It would be so easy if we could stay centered no matter what or who shows up in our life and continue creating all that we want. But, since us humans are emotional beings with analytical minds and cannot stay centered 100% of the time (unless we are the Buddha) we must remain aware and control our gate at all times.

Now that I am truly aware that our feelings, beliefs and thoughts are what shows up in your bubble (good or bad) I realize that anything entering your space can bring good or bad into your life. It is with this notion that specific numbers and symbols I see going about my day keep me in check with what I am feeling and thinking in order to keep myself at or above the positivity line. It is with this constant check that we can shift our thoughts to become positive again.

Now go and create some positive beliefs to bring what you want into your world.

With Love and Gratitude,

Ali (Zen Body Soul)

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