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When we are still we can hear the voice of our soul. We can listen to our breath and appreciate the gift of life in our body. When you listen to the voice of your soul, you can hear what truly makes your soul sing. It is through this stillness that things we have pushed down or buried deep inside come rising to the surface. I have found through my own personal journey that when I truly surrender and sit still with my own body and soul I can hear everything.

We are human beings yet we have such a hard time just BEING.

Humans are rarely Being

We are called human beings although are any of us ever just being? In our world today we are busy, busy, busy every minute of every day. Myself included! Sitting still these days would be defined by my kids as being on the computer, phone, social media etc. and sitting but not actually being still and doing nothing. When we work on discovering who we really are and what truly moves us, we continue to look to external sources for guidance. I have spent tons and tons of time moving from trainer to coach to therapist to healer to psychic to hear the answers. At some point you need to stop and Trust that everything we need is already inside us. Once I decided to trust myself, I felt unstoppable as all the guidance I wanted to hear was already present. The only thing I needed to do was be still.

As a healer and yoga teacher myself, I am well aware of the need to be still to hear the answers. Every day I set the intention to meditate at least one time or ideally two/three times in order to settle my mind. Even with my intention set, I continue to put anything else first before meditating. Why? Because sitting still with yourself is how we live the first 9 months of our lives but then once we enter the world we are trained to be doers.

Why Meditation Is Crucial to Your Journey

Meditation enables you to come out of your ego (what we think of as “I”, the analytical brain) and return to our self. According to some theorists, the self is the sphere of the soul. It is what you would miss most or wish you completed if your life was to end in a few weeks/months/years. My goal in meditation is to find the voice of my soul which will lead me to the next steps I need to take to fulfill my dharma (I.e., life purpose). It is in this state that answers to questions about one’s life purpose, the future and the present become clear.

With daily discipline, mindfulness and action, stillness can be accomplished. Meditation is the perfect place to do just this.

Resisting Your Passions

In the book called the War of Art by Steven Pressfield there is a chapter entitled the “Unlived Life” that speaks about the term Resistance. In explaining resistance Pressfield says, “Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance.” When we find what makes our soul sing, resistance gets in the way. So what is resistance? Resistance can’t be seen although it can be felt. Resistance is what stops us from doing the things we want to do most. It becomes an energy barricade set off by our internal self.

My own Life Resistance

Recently, I have put all of my passions on hold to focus on working on my inner self. I’ve asked myself how can I help others find their purpose and self exploration when I first and foremost need to do this myself? I have been told multiple times by different healers to first “heal” myself before putting myself out there for others. The War of Art addresses exactly this topic in the book saying that to heal ourselves and put our passions on hold is resistance. If we put our passions on hold, the world may pass you by. We need to turn inward to keep moving along our path, but to completely give up our passions gives resistance the upper hand.

Through this blog I’ve learned that my passions are what lights my soul up like a lighthouse. Although I had thought to take some time to put them on hold, because the knowledge I’ve learned, I feel guided to continue pushing forward living out my dharma while working on my inner self at the same time. What I learn on my journey as I go may be just what can help you on yours.

We all heal in different ways. If you found something you are so engaged in and are considering putting it on hold to go within, take some time to ask for guidance before you stop everything. You may find that resistance is at work on you and that your soul wants you to push forward.

Do NOT let resistance put out your fire. What if it never lights up again?

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I look forward to sharing more discoveries with you soon.

May we all discover more Zen in our Body and Soul,


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