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Every day, week, month, year we are aging. But if we think of age as just a number and meaningless, what matters most is the flame inside. When you truly let go and feel your way through life, the flame inside you continues to grow brighter and never dies.


As I lie in my bed cuddled up under my cozy covers I cannot stop watching the last twenty-seven minutes on my clock tick by until midnight strikes and I officially turn the big 4-0. I remember so vividly being at my moms 40th surprise birthday party when I was ten years old. That was 30 years ago? Really? Where has the past 40 years gone? How did this happen? Im officially over the hill! I am officially O-L-D. I close my eyes, breathe through the worry and make a wish. My wish is to stay forever young in my mind, body and spirit and always be grateful for everyone and everything in my life.

Age is just a number. It has no meaning of who you are. What matters most is the flame that is lit inside you forever.

What is the meaning of your birthday

Lately I have been pondering about the true meaning of birthdays. As human beings born into this world we are well aware that we are granted a one-way ticket for our life. We all know that it isn’t a matter of if our current life will end but when it will end. Yet, as we move from our childhood to adulthood and beyond we begin to shift our carefree, excited, childish attitude about birthdays into worries, stress and fear about what lies ahead in our life and give meaning to our age.

Birthdays from the view point as a Child

When you think back to your birthdays as a child what memories stick out the most? For me, its the memories of family and friends gathering to celebrate me, blowing out my birthday cake candles and making my secret birthday wish I hoped would come true. The morning of my birthday was always exciting. I would wake up and stay in my bed knowing my family was going to come in with breakfast in bed and presents. I loved opening presents and having a special breakfast made for me. Usually a party was planned, friends and family showed up and the day belonged to me. A year older was exciting as I yearned for more independence.

Birthdays from the viewpoint as an adult

As a mom of three, I still love my birthday not only just to celebrate me, but also to celebrate my kids. My kids are the apple of my eye, my heart, my loves and with that I want a day special for all of us. My children continue to carry on my childhood family tradition of breakfast in bed, presents and cake. But, what was once a magical celebratory day as a child, has become a reality check of life passing by.

Every birthday allows you to re-examine your life

Big birthdays like reaching 40/50/60/70/80 etc. should be a time in your life to take some time to check your existing surroundings and truly study your current circumstances. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to determine if you are on or off your life path.

  1. How do I feel right now about where I am in my life?
  2. If I could wave a magic wand and change anything, what would I change?
  3. What would I love to happen in my future that I can begin to put into action today?
  4. What are some things that I can do differently today to recreate my future?

Take some time to process these questions and the answers. Don’t just think with your head — FEEL with your soul. This is truly deep work you can do every birthday to keep yourself on track with your goals and soul. If we don’t take the time to analyze our life once a year we get trapped on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

Why not take each birthday to Stop, feel and process? During this yearly analysis you can truly create a future for YOU that FEELS good inside not just one that looks good on the outside. Always make sure you are going in the path your heart desires.

Personally, as my dreadful awaited 40th birthday came to a close yesterday I sat back and took it all in. I realized how grateful I was to spend the day with my wonderful children and the evening with incredible friends full of love, connection and purpose. Age is just a number. It means NOTHING except what you make it out to be. The true age is the flame that lives in your soul. The flame is always shining bright and when you truly let go of everything you allow it to shine to its fullest potential.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this blog. If you found some value please comment below and share to your social media page for your friends to see. I hope you take the time to reassess your life on your birthday to make sure you are following your true path.

With love and gratitude,

From my flame to yours,


Ali (Zen.Body.Soul)

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  1. A truly beautiful and thought provoking message, thank you for sharing your feelings on such a magical day. I have always said my goal is to “age gracefully” and never grow old 😇.

    So far, I am about halfway thru my 50th year and the goal was to make this year count like none ever has. I wish you a wonderful decade as you enjoy your 40’s on the way to an AMAZING 50th 10yrs from now…

    My question to you is “what crazy and off the charts goal can you set today & look back at age 50 saying Oh Yes I Did” !!!!!

    1. Thank you for your insightful response John! Age is just a number. It has no meaning unless we create one. Yes – 10 years is 50 (GULP). You did ask me first re: crazy and off the charts goal so I’ll go ahead and answer. First, I will write my first book, publish it and second, speak on stage in front of a large audience to relay a message that can help others. BOOM. HUGE goal!
      Now back to you. What crazy and off the chart goal did you set and accomplish?!?

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